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Shenxian Dushi Dan

  • Description

    Immortality and Enlightenment Pellet


    General Support:

    Chronic, Cognitive, Neurological, Musculoskeletal, Immune, Endocrine, Fertility

    Formula Family:

    Overall Warming, Warming and Moistening with Rehmannia

    Six Stages:

    Shaoyin, Jueyin

  • Supplement Facts

    Content: 90 capsules
    Directions: Take 3 capsules, 2 times daily
    Servings per container: 
    Amount per serving: 1500mg
    Storage: keep in a dark and cool place out of reach of children

    *Proprietary blend containing pure herbal extracts of:

    Lycium chinense fruit (Gouqizi), Chrysanthemum morifolium flower (Juhua), Polygala tenuifolia root (Yuanzhi), Plantago asiatica seed (Cheqianzi), Rehmannia glutinosa root tuber (Sheng Dihuang), Morindae officinalis root (Bajitian), Rubus chingii fruit (Fupenzi), Atractylodes macrocephala rhizome (Baizhu), Cistanches deserticola stem (Roucongrong), Acorus gramineus (Shichangpu), Cuscuta japonica seed (Tusizi), Cyathula officinalis root (Chuan Niuxi), Eucommia ulmoides stem bark (Duzhong), Dipsacus japonicas root (Xuduan), Polygonum multiflorum root tuber (Heshouwu), Lycium chinense root bark (Digupi), Angelica sinensis root (Danggui)

    * % Daily value not established

    Other ingredients: living green clay excipient, vegetable capsule

  • TCM Principles

    • Calm shen, consolidate the hun and po spirits
    • Strengthen surface protection by nourishing the ying and wei layers
    • Regulate qi dynamics of the 5 zang networks, harmonize the 6 fu networks
    • Open up energy flow in all channels and collaterals, eliminate fatigue and exhaustion
    • Dispel hidden pathogens and chronic Gu poisons
    • Increase memory and wisdom, restore original hair color
    • Nourish essence, brighten facial expression, moisten skin and connective tissue
    • Sharpen perception of the sensory organs, restore strength of the extremities
    • Increase quality of life, extend life span

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  • About

    The design of this remedy was first recorded by Gao Lian, a 16th century poet and medical scholar who was an ardent proponent of the Daoist arts of nourishing life. Gao’s book, Eight Pieces on Observing the Fundamental Principles of Life (Zunsheng bajian), is still regarded as a comprehensive source of traditional lifestyle information by Chinese physicians today. Most of the remedies in this valuable collection, however, have since become forgotten. The reissue of Shenxian Dushi Dan, which appears to be particularly useful for chronic issues in modern times, is part of the Classical Pearls commitment to revitalize some of the Daoist features of Chinese herbal medicine. More specifically, it represents the combination of two very similar remedies recorded in Gao’s chapter on “Esoteric Alchemical Remedies”, namely Dushi Dan (Enlightenment Pellet) and Shenxian Bulao Wan (Longevity Pellet of the Immortals). Shenxian Dushi Dan is a long-term recovery remedy for chronic fatigued patients that according to the source text can be taken in small amounts for 1-2 years.

  • Formula Architecture

    枸杞子 (酒浸) Gouqizi Lycium fruit, wine treated 5.88%
    菊花 Juhua Chrysanthemum 5.88%
    遠志 (甘草制) Yuanzhi Polygala, licorice cured 5.88%
    車前子 (清炒) Cheqianzi Plantago seed, fried 5.88%
    生地黃 Sheng Dihuang Rehmannia, raw 5.88%
    巴戟天 (酒煮) Bajitian Morinda, wine treated 5.88%
    覆盆子 (鹽炙) Fupenzi Rubus, salt treated 5.88%
    白朮 Baizhu Atractylodes, white 5.88%
    肉苁蓉 (酒浸) Roucongrong Cistanche, wine treated 5.88%
    石菖蒲 (米泔水制) Shichangpu Acorus, rice soup treated 5.88%
    菟絲子 (酒煮) Tusizi Cuscuta, wine treated 5.88%
    (川) 牛膝 (酒浸) (Chuan) Niuxi Cyathula, wine treated 5.88%
    杜仲 (鹽炙) Duzhong Eucommia, salt treated 5.88%
    續斷 Xuduan Dipsacus 5.88%
    何首烏 (黑豆汁制) Heshouwu Heshouwu, black soy bean treated 5.88%
    地谷皮 Digupi Lycium root bark 5.88%
    (川) 當歸 Danggui Tang-kuei, Sichuan 5.88%
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